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I find myself to be fortunate to have been granted the opportunity to study music since early childhood. My father was my first “teacher”, who introduced me to the joys of making music on a tiny battery operated keyboard. His affectionate teaching has probably cultivated my deep love for the instrument. Although I was hardly any musical prodigy, I have always loved to express myself through music. Despite many rugged journeys in my pianistic development and career, my passion for music prevails.

I would like to acknowledge those who have generously shared their knowledge and efforts in grooming me in the past. And a special note of appreciation to my principle teacher Professor Philip Cohen - who has cultivated my artistic and pedagogical sensitivity with great care and inspiration.

I hope to share the spirit that my mentors have cultivated in me – so that I may enrich the lives of learners through the joy of music-making and in the process cultivate a passion for music, and help developing musicians establish a level of artistic communication that touches the hearts of the audience.

In addition, as a technology enthusiast, I would hope to implement these artistic goals through the use of current technology, so as to maximize pedagogical effectiveness by providing accurate feedback to the developing artist.