I truly enjoy being taught by Angela Chan. She is honest and forthright and very empowering. She is an incredible musician and she has a diverse taste in music. She's innovative, generous, kind and wonderfully encouraging. Angela believes in her students. Her approach to teaching is inspiring. I'm amazed by her breadth of knowledge and by the experience she has. There's something even more special in knowing that she's also an RCM examiner, I'm being taught from the top!!!...and she can sight read like nobody's business!!! She's an incredible contribution to my life and I'm also proud to call her a friend.

My love for music began in 1969 when my oldest brother Roger bought me a phonograph with detachable speakers and a bag of Beatle 45's which I prefered over a hockey stick. It wasn't until the fifth grade that I began showing interest in making music. My teacher Miss Champagne had me sing for her as she was putting on some show. To each other's surprise, we discovered that I could actually sing. My singing had an uncanny resemblance to Rene Simard's and oddly enough, we both shared the same first name. I then continued to sing for school shows, weddings,choirs, local music festivals and family gatherings. In the seventh grade I begged my parents for piano lessons. I was taught by Sister Maria Courteau (who celebrated her 100th birthday recently) at a convent in Timmins, Ontario. It was a short while until I had a piano at home so I would go to the convent to practice. I never played much publicly but the knowledge of piano helped with my gradual interest into composition. In 1981, I wrote all the music to a french rock opera called "Jeans" which my cousin Rejean Tellier penned all the lyrics. I also had the principle role of Sebastian, I arranged all the vocal harmonies for the chorus and wrote all the piano accompaniements with the exception of three songs out of 25 songs.I also led a band of four players: drums, keyboard, electric guitar and bass. Three shows were performed. I played for a few Royal Conservatory exams: Grade 5, 8 and 9 and wrote a few theory exams.

I moved to Ottawa in 1984. I wrote many songs and recorded many demos with Greg Geeves. In 1995 I single handedly raised $12,000.00 to produce a jazz pop album entitled "Days of Crayons" I appeared on television and five of my songs obtained radio air play.The album was also on sale on consignment in many record stores. As Christmas gifts, I recorded personalized songs for my siblings and parents. I was also member of the Ottawa Men's Chorus for a couple of years. I obtained many solos and the entire chorus performed Schubert's Standchën with Maureen Forrester. The chorus also performed in Denver in 1992.

I then moved to Montreal in 1995. I took voice lessons for two years (1999-2000) with "L'école Prochant". I performed in a few local pubs and a year end musical was produced called "La Boutique Cantique" a musical fairy tale. I sang for Ginette Reno in a master class in the same year. I then turned my interest towards classical compositions. I studied piano and composition with Catherine Lagopatis. Ms Lagopatis played two of my pieces "The Catherine Waltz" and "Calm Before the Storm" at a recital at the St. Columba church. Today, I am presently studying piano and composition with Angela Chan and my goal is to have my pieces played publicly and have them published for the Royal Conservatory of Toronto.

Rene Perrier

Rene Perrier

Years playing piano: Since age 13
Years with Angela Chan: 3

Rene Perrier's compositions (music opens in a new window)
Crayola Days
Three on a Match
Partly Cloudy