Louise Sharpe obtained the Diploma Lauréat (piano) from the Conservatoire National de Musique, with Grande Distinction, a school which was annexed to the University of Montreal in 1956. In 1998, Louise obtained her D.E.C. Diploma in music (Piano) and Studies in Pedagogy at the École de musique Vincent d'Indy. Besides her piano training, Louise has also completed a choral conducting program at the Alliance des chorales du Québec, in Quebec City. In subsequent years, Louise furthered her studies in music theory and harmony and obtained certification from the Royal Conservatory of Music. Louise has also attended numerous piano performance, choral conducting and pedagogy workshops, as well as participated in master classes at the Centre d'Arts Orford.

Louise Sharpe has been a full-time piano teacher since 1999, as well as a choral director for close to a decade. Her piano students have won prizes including the 2006 Sommet music competition at the Cégep Édouard-Montpetit, and the RCM Silver Medal for obtaining the highest examination score in Quebec. Louise is currently an active member of the Quebec Music Teachers’ Association.

Thoughts on Working with Angela

"The first day that I visited Dr Chan, her personality and her studio with her two grand pianos impressed me.

We went to her studio and, to the best of my knowledge, I exposed my goals.

The next lesson, we really started by the basics of piano performance, it is to say, how to play scales, triads, chords and arpeggios with a "real" technique.

Over the weeks, I practiced and developed this technique and now I can teach this to my students with assurance. I know what and how to do. With this method, my students have improved their interpretation. Also, Dr Chan showed me a very simple way of how to play the cadences at the end of the triads. The way in which Dr. Chan teaches is always simple. Even though a student has small hands, she always finds a way to do it.

The following weeks, I brought the RCM books one level after the other to go through the pieces that my students would play for their RCM examinations.

The approach of Dr Chan is clear and clever. I always have the feeling that we work together instead of a teacher who thinks that only "him/she" has the right answer.

Dr. Chan is accurate, sensitive and very human. She knows exactly what she is doing. When she plays, the sound of music is beautiful, the phrases are exact, every note has its place in a piece of music. I would describe her music as like the stars in the sky. There are big stars and very small stars, but they are all necessary to illuminate the sky. Each start has its own quality. The most beautiful thing is that she can show you how to produce these beautiful sounds.

Thank you Angela for your support, your generosity and your availability."

- By Louise Sharpe, June 2007

Louise Sharpe

Louise Sharpe

Years studying piano: 40 years
Years with Angela Chan: since October 2006