"My time with Dr. Chan has been very enlightening, and the territory we have covered over two years has definitely exceeded my original expectations. Through her intelligent approach and her careful attentiveness to the composers' scores, she has been able to teach me both the technical as well as interpretational aspects of the compositions. I am very happy to have had the privilege of working with her and I will remain forever grateful."

Giancarlo Scalia was born in Montreal, Canada. At the age of 10, he began his musical education studying piano under the wing of Mr. Paolo Vani and the McGill Conservatory of Music. After graduating with Honours at the age of 16, he pursued his studies with acclaimed concert pedagogue Dr. Angela Chan. He then entered the renowned Ecole de Musique Vincent d'Indy. Other musical lessons have included harmony, composition and theory.

Giancarlo Scalia's repertoire ranges from composers like Bach and Beethoven to modern composers such as Shchedrin and Kabalevsky. His own compositions and those of his idol, Frederyk Chopin, also stand significantly in his repertoire.

His compositions number in the 90s and are for a variety of instruments. Although most of his works are for solo piano, they are also written for orchestra, chamber groups or unusual trios and quartets. His compositional style is a unique blend of classical-romantic and contemporary melodies and harmonies, and his compositions usually have a very distinctive tonal melody flowing through them. Inspirations in his musical writing include Ennio Morricone, Jordan Rudess, Alain Lefevre and, of course, Chopin.

In November 2004, he was commissioned to compose a short piece for students of Dr. Chan. His Rondo Facile for 1 piano, 8 hands op. 29 was premiered the 18th of December 2004 at the Maison Trestler in Vaudreuil-Dorion, Quebec. The performers were Sihan Guo, Emily and Jacqueline To and Kathleen Wong.

In March 2005, Giancarlo Scalia entered the studio to record his first album of piano compositions, entitled "Sogno d'Amore (Liebestraum)". The CD, released in April 2005 through Davisca Productions, led him to numerous media appearances, including televised performances throughout Canada. The tracks include, among others; the title work Liebestraum, Ballade in C, Sonata in G Minor and a piano solo arrangement of Grief and Despair. The disc is available worldwide through Indie Pool.

Giancarlo Scalia has also performed at numerous benefit concerts. He performed at the annual Brain Waves Gala (benefiting the Franco di Giovanni Foundation) three years in a row as well as for the Canadian Cancer Society and other benefit organizations.

In October 2005 Giancarlo Scalia began work on his first film score. The Laurier Macdonald Media Foundation documentary "Ripples in Time" was premiered the 1st of February 2006 at the Centro Leonardo da Vinci in Montreal. The hour-long documentary featured four short stories tooken from it's book companion and received an AMTEC award later that year.

A proud supporter of modern composers, Giancarlo Scalia gave the world premiere of the work "Portrait", composed by Montreal composer Octavian Lecca, on the 3rd of May 2006. He later performed the work as part of his second Summer Recital Series in 2007.

Giancarlo Scalia continues to perform and compose music. He is currently working on various composition projects as well as preparing for upcoming performances.

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Giancarlo Scalia

Giancarlo Scalia

Years playing piano: 7
Years with Angela Chan: 2