Chun Ming Liang began his first piano lessons with Angela in the September of 2004. In 2006 June, he passed the RCM Grade 3 piano examination with first class honors (with a score of 88%). In 2006, Chun Ming has also been awarded the Young Music Explorer piano scholarship in recognition of his continuous dedication towards performance and outstanding musical progress. In 2007 May, Chun Ming participated in the Montreal Classical Music Festival, and obtained a score of 93% for the 9 years and under category. In August 2007, Chun Ming received First Class Honors with Distinction in his RCM Grade 5 piano examination (obtaining a score of 92%).

Chun Ming has participated in numerous public performances, including solo and duo performances (with his duo partner Sihan Guo) at the annual Christmas concerts at the Trestler House organized by Dr. Angela Chan's Piano Studio. Chun Ming has also participated at the 2005 Canadian Music Festival, as well as appeared in multiple solo piano recitals organized by the Quebec Music Teacher's Association, and performed in the 2006 Montreal Classical Music Festival.

Chun Ming is an intelligent, curious and kind person. He enjoys composing pieces and playing his own compositions. Ming has a vast array of hobbies, including learning about cars, reading circulation maps and designing expressways, playing computer games, puzzles and chess. Ming also enjoys reading and folding origami. On the sporty side, Ming enjoys cycling, swimming. As a fifth grader, Chun Ming is very active at school. He participates in volunteer work and often performs piano.

Comments from his piano teacher:

"Chun Ming is a disciplined yet thoughtful and spontaneous young pianist with tremendous potential. Endowed with a highly perceptive ear, coupled with great mental focus, Ming will become an important pianist someday. Stay tuned!" - Angela Chan

Chun Ming Liang

Chun Ming Liang

Years playing piano: 3
Years with Angela Chan: 3