Early High Achievers

A young learner's progress depends strongly upon the learning environment - which is a combination of parental support, an enriching musical environment, as well as guidance from a compatible and competent teacher. With this in mind, a close collaboration is established between teacher and parent - so that they provide a healthy and supportive background for the development of the learner. Recommendations of videos and audio recordings of first rate concert artists are provided to parents, to ensure that the home is enriched by fine music.

In parallel, a special curriculum will be developed for individual early high achievers (commonly labeled as prodigies) to fully challenge their capacities. For individuals who excel in performance at an early age, they receive bi-weekly piano lessons supplemented by music theory and history training, audio and video performance analysis.

Students are also presented with frequent challenges which serve as milestones for their accomplishments. These activities may range from concert performances, competitions, recordings, and musical examinations.

Video of Angela coaching a Early High Achiever (Sihan Guo at 6 years old)

A special mentorship program is also available for young students, where they can dedicate themselves full time to musical apprenticeship.