Pedagogy Coaching

This program is not only intended to help piano teachers “recharge their batteries”, but also to help clarify certain widely spread misconceptions in piano technique and pedagogy.

Specific issues such as principles of learning, memory, physiology of the body in relation to piano performance, as well as overcoming interferences in learning will also be covered.

Teachers will be introduced to other relevant topics including:

  1. Familiarization and evaluation of existent piano methodologies
  2. Basic technology setup and usage in the piano studio
  3. How to effectively implement technology in piano teaching
  4. Effectively enhancing learning and retention
  5. Repertoire Selection for learners
  6. Choice of editions of musical scores
  7. Effective physical organization to acquire a natural way of playing
  8. Guided audio and video analysis to resolve specific learning problems
  9. Effective examination preparation procedures for students

Teachers will also be prepared for the Royal Conservatory of Music ARCT Piano Pedagogy Examination ­­– both written and Viva Voce for Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced Piano Pedagogy Certificates.

* Lessons are audio and video taped for review.