Artist Coaching

Being a performing artist myself, coupled with more than a decade of research on performance blocks, I have assisted a diverse caliber of performers in achieving their performance goals. These include concert performances, recordings, auditions and competition preparation.

These processes have enriched my understanding of performance preparation, and given me insight into the complexities of performance coaching.

To bring about a convincing performance goes beyond consistent and persistent practice. Rather, there are constantly emerging issues that a performer has to deal with. For instance, an overly enthusiastic and determined performer can practice to a point where it becomes counterproductive. Inappropriate handling of performance anxiety or inadequate performance preparation can lead to catastrophic failure.

For these reasons, I offer special topics for performance artists including:

  1. Overcoming performance anxiety and blocks
  2. Injury prevention (prevention of pain, tension, fatigue)
  3. Effective practice strategies to maximize productivity
  4. Aesthetic interpretation and musical organization
  5. Effective use of the musical body
  6. Guidance through the entire performance preparation process
  7. Performance feedback through audio and video analysis