I provide a comprehensive and artistically-based musical training to aspiring pianists of all ages and levels.

  • Technique and dexterity are fundamentally developed as a means for communicating aesthetic and musical artistry.
  • Approach is individually and creatively based - designed with respect to the unique needs and aspirations of the student.
  • Attempts to help individuals bridge the transition between the amateur pianist and the professional musician.
  • Aims to develop students' ability in critiquing their own practice and performances.
  • Emphasizes on the importance of musicianship. Duets, two piano performances, instrumental ensembles are often implemented in my teaching sessions.
  • Provide real-time 24 hour access for students implemented through technology. Students can e-mail me anytime. Problems related to technical difficulties and physical movements in performance can be instantly clarified through real time access over the telephone, as well as video clips (uniquely created for the student), downloadable through the internet.