Philip Cohen
Professor Emeritus
Artistic Director, Leonardo Project, Concordia University, Montreal, Canada

P hilip Cohen is Artistic Director of Concordia University's Leonardo Research Project. Professor Cohen has had a distinguished career as teacher, coach, performance analyst and consultant to performing artists throughout North America and Europe. He has also served as consultant to various professional and academic programmes including the reorganization of the Conservatoire system in France, the Crossroads School for the Gifted (Los Angeles) and the University of California's projected music programme in Florence, Italy. Professor Cohen regularly conducts seminars, workshops, master classes and consultations in the United States (New York, Chicago and Los Angeles) and, on occasion in Europe (Paris, Grenoble, Florence, Warsaw). His students include many well known concert and recording artists, grant recipients and prizewinners in national and international competitions. He is also consulted by performers handicapped by injury, neuro-muscular and perceptual disabilities, anxiety and related performance "blocks". Professor Cohen's research into creative variability in highly accomplished performers aims at bringing a unified perspective to the aesthetic, cognitive, biological and cultural foundations of performance musicianship and its cultivation.

December, 1999

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