Angela's piano studio is located in the suburbs of Dollard des Ormeaux is equipped with two concert grand pianos - a 7'4" Falcone concert grand, and a Yamaha 6'4" C5 concert grand.

Falcone 7'4" concert grand piano: This is a generous and thoughtful gift from my loving parents. My piano professor and our piano tuner assisted me in selecting this piano in 1991 at Boston (at the Mason and Hamelin, Falcone piano factory at Massachusettes, U.S.A.). Due to its sweet tone and sensitivity, I mainly do my daily practice and work with my students on this instrument. The Falcone piano is a fine instrument, with the lucid tone of a Borsendorfer, and the responsiveness of a Steinway. Production of the Falcone piano has been discontinued since 1995. Since only a very limited number of Falcone pianos are available, it is now considered a collector's item.

Yamaha C5 concert grand piano: Positioned next to the Falcone, this instrument was purchased in Hong Kong in 1984. It is a very responsive instrument, albeit that the tone is a little on the mellow side.

Dampp-Chaser: Both concert grand pianos are equipped with the Dampp-Chaser system , which helps maintain a consistent level of humidity. This helps the pianos to maintain in prime shape, and stay in tune for longer periods.

Yamaha M2H upright piano: Located in the practice room upstairs. This is in fact the second piano we acquired from Hong Kong. My students and myself often practice on this instrument as well. Though I would say, this instrument feels and sounds more like a harpsichord than a piano. However, it is good to simulate a harpsichord for certain Baroque pieces.

Yamaha professional upright: This instrument was bought in 1989 and it stays exceptionally well in tune even though it is not tuned as often as the other instruments.

Yamaha P140 digital piano: In addition to the 4 acoustic pianos, an 88-keyed Yamaha P140 digital piano provides a variety of piano tones as well as an even touch. This piano is connected to a bank of stunning piano sounds including samplings from the Steinway D, Borsendorfer Imperial Grand and Yamaha C7 Grand provided by the Synthogy Ivory 1.5 package. The advantage of this instrument is that it stays in tune all the time. Due to the importance for students to develop a strong sense of the acoustic piano, this instrument is used exclusively for Angela's personal pleasure, and is not used as a teaching instrument.

Yamaha Electone organ: Purchased in Hong Kong in 1984, is located in the same room as the two concert grand pianos. This organ is connected to a step up transformer since it requires 220 volts to operate. It is a fun instrument to play, and sometimes can be used with the 2 pianos for a jam session as a simulated orchestra.